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The Brand New Book from our favorite author  Artisha "Tee" Bolding 

Induction To Power  is specifically for those looking to level up personally and professionally. The mindset shift that this book will cause is going to 

change you forever

The INDUCTION book is going to ignite your mind and take you to the next level of flowing in your Purpose!

Induction To Power 
Break Up The Darkness In Your Life, Burst With Light and Walk In Purpose


Break Up The Darkness In Your Life, Burst With Light and Walk In Purpose

Does your life have the luster and fulfillment that you desire? Or has it grown dull? Your journey can lead down some dark roads, but once you experience  the power of your light you can't go back to lurking in the shadows. In Induction To Power motivational speaker Artisha Bolding sets out to ignite your mind and uncover new thoughts on winning this game of Life.

Sought-after coach and author of Journal For Your Journey, Artisha shares how she rediscovered her purpose lying in a hospital bed. In these pages you’ll discover:

  • The one true enemy of your Purpose 
  • The two crucial elements of health and wellness 
  • The three things you must leave behind to walk in Power

If you have been waiting on permission to shine or feel you need a Power Boost to live life on Purpose this is the book for you.

Be BOLD🌸 Travel Your Journey in POWER🌸 Make the Shift in Your Mindset🌸 & Your Faith

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Journal For Your Journey: 31 Days of Prayer to Center Your Soul 

The NEW Guided Prayer Journal by 

Artisha "Tee" Bolding is

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Get ready to experience a serious and lasting shift in your Faith. 

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About The Author


#LetMeTellU Girls Rock!

Georgia-based Empowerment Coach and Author Artisha "Tee" Bolding is the Head of T Bold Media Group. She is best known for her loud belly laughs and love of Truth. As a consultant and speaker, Artisha has spent the last decade providing relationship and spiritual advice to friends, clients and  youth groups. 

Since her early days at Howard University, impacting people has been a serious passion for this lipstick chick. Her hilarious and touching Monday Media content on Facebook had been so well received that recently she turned it into a weekly podcast, Bold Journeyzz. Click on the show banner above to hear more! 

From Charter Schools to City Hall and even a dusty construction site, Artisha has experienced a lot and has touched many lives. She is a doting wife and mother to two beautiful rambunctious fur babies.  

Artisha was inspired to write her first book the Journal, after a near fatal visit to the ICU due to medical mishap. 

Prayer and instructions from her 

Spiritual Father 

Bishop Hezekiah Pressley, Jr. 

Are the reason she walks in healing today!

When she's not out shopping and missing DC ever so terribly, you can find her on a Twitter rant (@MissTyson) She knows 

God will do great things because we

expect Him to!


Your next Favorite Book!

Keep an eye out for Artisha's next project based on her thought-provoking and compassionate commentary in the Monday Media on Facebook. It's sure to be your next favorite book!


Stay Tuned!

We are so excited about what God is doing! We aim to bring you the best content to keep a smile on your face. It is our joy to do business with you.

Kind Words & Testimonials


We Are aso Thankful...

For the kind words you have shared about the book and the show 😍 Keep Them Coming!

"Journal for your Journey is a great daily prayer book. Love the prayers and the scripture references. As I am reading, I love that I have the space to write my thoughts right next to the prayer. Awesome 31 day prayer book."

- Treshelle Williams, Wife Talk, Inc.

"This Journal has really blessed me. I wrote so much in it just the first week! And Bold Journeyzz really uplifted me. Thank you." - Shay R.

"I've started my journey with Artisha's Journal and it is profound!" 

- Minister Karen J.

"Bold Journeyzz  makes me laugh but Tee keeps it real and gives good advice. I love it!" - April M.

"I have read this prayer book over and over again because the Word is fresh everyday. This is a wonderful book."

- Mother Lena H.

"This young lady had such a moving story I had to buy this book. And I love it."

- Mother Addie F.

"I listen to Bold Journeyzz every week. I know I can count on The Queen Bee for a good chuckle and a heavy dose of love."

- Jessica M.

"I was so excited when I got my Journal in the mail. The prayers are really good. I use it in my study time." 

- Minister Barbara Holmes 

"I read through the whole book in less than two weeks! I jumped ahead because the Word was just so good!" 

- Mother Martin

"I think Bold Journeyzz is cool and fun to listen to. Especially during Game of Thrones season! I always tune in."

- Monique B.

About the Journal

Journal for Your Journey is a guided prayer journal with daily prayers for an entire month and an area where you can take notes and talk to God each day. 

Are you ready to go on a Journey? 

There's a great destiny waiting for you as soon as you begin to center your thoughts and center your soul. God is equipping you with all you need to journey this path to renewed faith and realized dreams. He's giving revelation, elevation, expectation, and preparation.

The next 31 days can transform your prayer life and highlight your path to Destiny and Purpose.