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Journal For Your Journey: 31 Days of Prayer to Center Your Soul

The NEW book by Artisha Bolding

 is a Guided Prayer Journal based on teachings of The Holy Bible 


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About The Author

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Georgia-based Empowerment Coach and Author Artisha "Tee" Bolding is the Head of T Bold Media Group. She is best know for her loud belly laughs and love of Truth. As a Minister and former Bondsman, Artisha has spent the last decade providing relationship and spiritual advice to friends, clients and  youth groups. 

Since her early days at Howard University, impacting people has been a serious passion for this lipstick chick. Her hilarious and touching Monday Media posts to Facebook have been well received as an unorthodox weekly podcast. From Charter Schools to City Hall and even a dusty construction site, Artisha has experienced a lot and has touched many lives. She is a doting wife and mother to two beautiful rambunctious fur babies.  

Artisha was inspired to write this Journal  after a near fatal visit to the ICU 

due to medical mishap. 

Prayer and instructions from her 

Spiritual Father 

Bishop Hezekiah Pressley, Jr. 

Are the reason she walks in healing today!

When she's not out shopping and missing DC ever so terribly, you can find her on a Twitter rant (@MissTyson) She knows 

God will do great things because we

expect Him to!


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We are so excited about what God is doing! We aim to bring you the best content to keep a smile on your face. It is our joy to do business with you.

About the Journal

Journal for Your Journey is a guided prayer journal with daily prayers for an entire month and an area where you can take notes and talk to God each day. 

Are you ready to go on a Journey? 

There's a great destiny waiting for you as soon as you begin to center your thoughts and center your soul. God is equipping you with all you need to journey this path to renewed faith and realized dreams. He's giving revelation, elevation, expectation, and preparation.

The next 31 days can transform your prayer life and highlight your path to Destiny and Purpose.